About us

Vibes is the new restaurant, cocktail bar and cafeteria patisserie just in the front of the monument symbol of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana. The Vibes model is focused on sustainability, total quality and offer at km0. The Vibes Sustainable Formula is simple: we purchase fresh raw materials from a selection of local producers and we transform in house.

La giornata al Vibes comincia alle 07:00 con la colazione e continua con il pranzo e la pausa pomeridiana per il the o caffe. Il nostro cocktail bar serve drink alcolici ed analcolici tutto il giorno e la sera ci si può immergere nel nostro Mixology World per poi finire la giornata con la cena servita dal nostro ristorante fino alle 23:30.

Our culture

Vibes è il luogo dove si respira cultura, sostenibilità ed innovazione. Cultura enogastronomica accompagnata dal piacere multisensoriale. Ogni piatto, drink e ambientazione sono creati con l’obiettivo di far provare un momento di benessere. Vogliamo prenderci cura dei nostri ospiti stabilendo prima di tutto una relazione di fiducia e questo grazie alla trasparenza, alla correttezza e alla genuinità che sono i fondamenti che ci guidano nelle nostre scelte ed operato.

The Vibes restaurant and cocktail bar was born out of the desire to create a special place within a unique location: the block of the monument symbol of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana. For this reason, during the summer of 2023, we acquired the premises located in via Montebello 22 A and the transformation began. We first created a cocktail bar and the Vibes Mixology World where you can enjoy innovative   alcoholic   and   non-alcoholic   drinks,   prepared with   our exclusive recipes. The restaurant’s offer was radically transformed through the introduction of organic, zero-kilometer fresh produce and prepared in house. The aim is to offer high quality dishes and drinks at an affordable price and to contribute to the growth of the local economy.

​Starting from September, we began to organize cultural events with music, acting   and   dance   performances and   we   started   the collaborations with artistic groups and colleagues from the food and beverage industry. 

In front of us we have many new projects that we will develop starting from the first months of 2024.

We are a group of people who respect and trust each other. We are an international and multicultural team and we are very close to each other.

For us the most important thing is the satisfaction of our guest and when we see them coming back we consider this as an award to our daily dedication and focus.

“Everyone need to enjoy the life and to have pleasure, for this reason we need to work to create the appropriate environment and the right places”

The reliability of our service, the ethics that guide our decisions, the loyalty towards our guest friends, the integrity and honesty with which we conduct the business and sincerity always, are the values in which we believe.

Sustainability and quality are fundamental pillars of the Vibes culture. Therefore, in our menu you will find a proposal of food and drinks in line with the season.

The products we use for our preparations are carefully selected and must meet high quality standards.

Where available, we buy our raw materials directly from local producers who share with us respect for the environment and our ethical and social values.